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"At the Galley of Lorne Inn we excel at family holidays. Having young children of our own means that we know how to keep the little ones entertained. There's so much to see and do in the area and we're always on hand for advice on the best places to go with the kids. At the hotel we cater for every eventuality and families come here time and time again to enjoy a chilled out break."
Children at The Galley of Lorne Inn are most welcome (after all I have two young teenagers myself).
Whilst we do not have a family room per se, our Skye suite is capable of accommodating two adults and two children. Children sleep on fold down beds which we hasten to add aren’t the proverbial thin material Z Beds, but instead very thick cushioned fold out beds that are placed directly on the floor together with sheets, duvets and pillows. In our experience the kids love these beds.

It is possible to utilise other rooms for two adults and one child. Please ask our staff before making your reservation or see our accommodation pages which describe each room in great detail.

Whilst away from your room but utilising the hotel facilities please note that children are most welcome to use the disabled toilet where the toilet seat is a bi-fold seat designed for use by both adults and children alike.
We understand that children’s eating habits vary greatly from child to child. We also have a children’s menu with the firm kid’s favourites, but also offer anything from our adults menu as a child’s portion at half price. Click here to view our children’s menu.
With the beer garden and further grounds around the hotel there’s plenty of space for the children to enjoy themselves if you want a nice relaxing day without travelling and with Ardfern being a wonderful location to explore, there’s plenty to keep the young ones occupied. Also we have a pool room, darts and a selection of table games (cards, chess, draughts, dominoes etc.) to keep the young ones occupied.
In addition to providing cots free of charge (including bed linen), if you choose not to bring your own, we also have in our hotel store several very handy items that you may wish to use if you have a baby in your party. We can also provide you with a baby bath, a ‘bumbo’ (for those who are not aware, the ‘bumbo’ supports your baby in comfort in an upright sitting position, and there are no uncomfortable straps to worry about. ‘Bumbo’ is designed so that the baby’s own body weight helps to slightly narrow the gap above its legs, which gently keeps your baby in place. Ideal for babies from around 4 months to a year and beyond) and also a breast feeding pillow to provide good support to the baby whilst feeding and which supports their back. Also whilst away from your room but utilising the hotel facilities please note that in order to cater for all of your needs within the disabled toilets in the reception area there is a baby changing table and nappy bin for your convenience.

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