We are

Pet Friendly

"Pets deserve holidays too which is why we make it easy to bring pooch with you to The Galley of Lorne Inn. The area is filled with walking opportunities and after exploring, you're welcome to bring your dog into the public for a warm beside the fire."
The Galley of Lorne Inn is a pet friendly establishment. There is a charge of £8 per night per pet.

Pets are of course permitted in their owners rooms, in the public bar and around the public area of the grounds.

Unfortunately, health and safety does not allow pets in either the lounge bar or restaurant.

Whilst we welcome all pets owners, whether it be our human guests or pet guests we (as would be the case with any other establishment) would hope that our rooms and property are kept in the condition they are found.

Experience has shown us that with some pets who have stayed you wouldn’t have known they were there, whereas on isolated occasions it has been all too evident that they have more than made themselves at home.

All we ask is that pets are supervised at all times and not left in the rooms unless it is safe for all concerned to do so.

Please bear in mind other residents if your dog has a tendency to bark when left alone.

As with our guests any damage or any extraordinary cleaning required by the housekeeper (i.e. excessive moulting) in order to bring the room back to the standard of cleanliness we ordinarily attain will be charged accordingly to the residents.

There are plenty of walks in the area for you to enjoy with your dog, for details please click here